THRIVE Skin Peptide Cream product packaging
THRIVE Skin Peptide Cream

Repair and improve the appearance of aging skin with this AM & PM Age Defy Peptide Cream, formulated with a combination of premium ingredients to help stimulate cells, hydrate & moisturize four layers of the epidermis, and leave your skin looking luminous.

This AM & PM Peptide Cream is excellent for all skin types and contains extracts that help firm & lift the neck and jawline area, while improving fine lines, smoothness, moisture, even texture, and elasticity.

THRIVE Skin Peptide Cream

Excellent for All Skin Types

Helps to Improve the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Helps Support Collagen Production

Supports Skin Moisture & Texture

Helps Improve Firmness in the Neck & Jawline Area

Promotes Even Skin Tone & Elasticity