Product Image: THRIVE ELITE DFT product packaging
THRIVE ELITE DFT - Derma Fusion Technology

THRIVE ELITE LIFESTYLE DFT is Step 3 of the THRIVE ELITE Experience. The ELITE Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology is larger & more potent than any other and is ultimately, the most powerful DFT ever created featuring increased permeation and improved speed & delivery. Enhance your 3 Simple Steps with the ELITE Experience, formulated to bring you supercharged results.

Try to rotate application areas every day or every other day to target different areas. Leave the THRIVE DFT™ in place for up to 24 hours. Replace with a new DFT™ daily.

THRIVE ELITE DFT - Derma Fusion Technology

Cosmetic Derma Fusion Technology

Replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier

Helps improve skin elasticity

Skin appears firm/toned

Skin appears visibly younger