DFT Ultra product packaging, with DFT Ultra foam behind it.
DFT Ultra

Formulated and developed using the foundation of the most dynamic and revolutionary product in the last 20 years—Derma Fusion Technology 2.0 (DFT)—DFT ULTRA 2.0 is the next breakthrough in Le-Vel's prized Derma Fusion Technology system and a huge step forward from DFT ULTRA 1.0.

With Forslean concentration over two times greater than ULTRA 1.0, and the highest concentration of Garcinia extract and Forslean of ANY DFT Formula, DFT ULTRA 2.0 truly is a Premium Product on a Premium Level. Consider adding DFT ULTRA 2.0 to your THRIVE Experience.


DFT Ultra

Cosmetic Derma Fusion Technology

Replenishes the skin's
moisture barrier

Helps improve skin elasticity

Skin appears firm/toned

Skin appears visibly younger